My favourite websites

Some interesting websites for work and leisure:

The International Transportation Economics Association:

The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists:

A great magazine about urban matters mainly in the US but also elsewhere in the world:

Great articles about cities around the world:

How to make cities resilient:

A great perspective on transport issues in the developing world:

A blog on London’s transport system:

A great blog about cycling and cargo bikes (a Danish perspective)

and another one, with plenty of news:

and a German perspective on cargo bikes and life without a car:  

A transport magazine for the latest news from the industry:

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research:

The UK Energy Research Centre:

The best environmental economics blog:

And a very good one about climate change:

A great research centre unveiling the secrets of future smart cities:

Mysteries from the economists’ job market:

You can catch a train to go to (almost) anywhere in the world:

Arts and letters daily:

An environmental association made of surfers:

A great surfing magazine – in Italian – :