I have teaching experience with undergraduate and postgraduate students, both for economics and management types of courses, as well as supervision experience. I have also organised and delivered online modules for the last 8 years and been enjoying the challenges of the virtual learning environments.

I have also supervised several students so far, for both MSc and PhD dissertations. Supervision is my favourite teaching activity. Below you can find more details.


I was tutor for the courses of ‘Economics’ and ‘Applied Economics’ at Imperial College in 2004/2005 during my PhD. At Loughborough University I lectured the first year undergraduate module ‘Introduction to Management‘ in 2013.


At Loughborough I lectured the module ‘Transport Services Marketing‘  for MSc students, from 2009 to 2013. My teaching was formally observed by Loughborough University’s Teaching Centre and was awarded the grade of “highly satisfactory” (grade 5 on a 6-point scale). From 2013 to 2015 I also contributed to the course ‘Sustainable Cities‘ with a lecture on sustainable freight solutions.


Online tutor and course writer for the Distance Learning MSC modules “Environmental Valuation: Theory, Techniques and Applications” (2013-2019) and “Economics of Environmental Policy” (since 2015), School of Oriental and African Studies – Centre for Development, Environment and Policy). The role involves managing the Virtual Learning Environment, animating the discussion forum, preparing and delivering online seminars, answering students’ queries, writing monthly e-digests, setting and marking assignments and exams. I am also a University of London official examiner.

Students’ supervision experience

  • Co-supervisor of an MSc student at Loughborough University in 2009. Co-supervisor of the same students for his subsequent PhD for two years until he had to leave for personal reasons (subject: Valuation of noise externalities in Kumming City, China).
  • Third supervisor of a PhD student at Loughborough University, , Thesis title: Valuation of Aviation Externalities: a case study in Bangkok, Thailand PhD awarded in May 2014
  • Supervisor of several MSc students for SOAS, since 2016 (mostly for students enrolled in the Environmental Economics or Agricultural Economics MScs, but also for those doing Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Poverty Reduction and Climate Change and Development). Some selected topics are listed here
    • Determinants of house prices in Malta: an hedonic analysis (2016)
    • Economic valuation of birding. A case study in a Portuguese important bird and biodiversity area
    • The impact of humanitarian infrastructure intervention and disaster preparedness in developing countries
    • The Economics of public participation: maximising public value in complex, multi-stakeholder engagement
    • The economic value of trees in Taipei City (2017)
    • The relation between property rights regime and environmental quality
    • How blockchain technology is facilitating a new energy paradigm (2018)
    • Comparative study of solid waste management in mega cities in developed and developing countries: a focus on London and Lagos
    • Are policy makers using economic appraisal tools for climate change adaptation in Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Niger and Senegal? (2020)
    • The impact of the British Columbia’s 2008 Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax on fuel demand
    • Public Acceptability of Personal Carbon Trading: A quantitative household survey
    • Planes, trains and climate change: young people’s perception of air travel in the age of flight-shame