I have teaching experience with undergraduate and postgraduate students, both for economics and management types of courses, as well as supervision experience. I have also been an online tutor for the last 5 years and been enjoying the challenges of the virtual learning environments.

I have also officially supervised a number of students so far (and currently supervising two MSc students for SOAS), for both MSc and PhD dissertations. Below you can find more details.


I was tutor for the courses of ‘Economics’ and ‘Applied Economics’ at Imperial College in 2004/2005 during my PhD. At Loughborough University I lectured the 22-hour first year undergraduate module ‘Introduction to Management‘ in 2013.


At Loughborough I lectured the 40-hour module (30 hour from 2012/2013) module ‘Transport Services Marketing‘  for MSc students, from 2009 to 2013. My teaching was formally observed by Loughborough University’s Teaching Centre and was awarded the grade of “highly satisfactory” (grade 5 on a 6-point scale). Since 2013 I have also contributed to the course ‘Sustainable Cities‘ with a lecture on sustainable freight solutions.


Online tutor and course writer for the Distance Learning MSC modules “Environmental Valuation: Theory, Techniques and Applications” (since 2013) and “Economics of Environmental Policy” (since 2015), School of Oriental and African Studies – Centre for Development, Environment and Policy). The role involves managing the Virtual Learning Environment, animating the discussion forum, preparing and delivering online seminars, answering students’ queries, writing monthly e-digests, setting and marking assignments and exams.

Students’ supervision experience

  • Co-supervisor of an MSc student at Loughborough University in 2009. Co-supervisor of the same students for his subsequent PhD for two years until he had to leave for personal reasons (subject: Valuation of noise externalities in Kumming City, China).
  • Third supervisor of a PhD student at Loughborough University, , Thesis title: Valuation of Aviation Externalities: a case study in Bangkok, Thailand PhD awarded in May 2014
  • Supervisor of four MSc students for SOAS in 2016. The subject of their dissertations were:
    • Determinants of house prices in Malta: an hedonic analysis
    • Economic valuation of birding. A case study in a Portuguese important bird and biodiversity area
    • The impact of humanitarian infrastructure intervention and disaster preparedness in developing countries
    • The Economics of public participation: maximising public value in complex, multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Supervisor of two MSc students for SOAS in 2017. The subject of their dissertations are:
    • The economic value of trees in Taipei City
    • The relation between property rights regime and environmental quality