Over the years I have been applying economic theory to a number of different contexts. The common feature has been space seen as an opportunity as well as a constraint. My research has generally been practical, policy relevant and project-led.

My recent research activity has looked at the environmental externalities of transport – both personal and freight –  mainly focusing on its energy usage, contribution to carbon emissions and a bit on noise. I have not only looked at the mitigation aspect of climate change, but also at the adaptation one, with recent and still ongoing work on the effect of weather on travel behaviour. I have given a special attention to consumer behaviour, looking at spatial labour supply choices in my PhD and then analysing various transport and energy decisions using choice modelling techniques.

Here are the projects I have been involved in in the last 8 years and their funding sources. I have published papers based on all of them. These are available on My Publications page. And I am still working on further papers, in particular from the FUTURENET and ABC projects:

And here are the major consultancy projects I have been involved with:

  • Evaluation of the Department for Transport Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) policy programme for Leicestershire County Council (2013)
  • Surface connectivity: assessing the merits of the Airports Commission’s options for UK aviation’, for the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) – report launched on 29 October 2014 –

I am interested in pursuing my research along the areas I discussed above. In particular I would be particularly keen on developing my current analysis of social dimensions in individual choices for a better understanding of the mechanism of green or sustainable consumption, and in particular the impact of consumers’ social networks (circle of closes friends/relatives) on the diffusion of innovative energy efficient products/services and adaptation/mitigation behaviours in transport as well as domestic energy usage. I am also very interested in urban transport policies and the concept of climate resilient sustainable smart urban systems and would like to devote more time to this topic in the near future.

Please do get in touch if you wish to have more information.